Thine Evermine Ring

14 karat yellow gold and diamond nature inspired wedding ring featuring a curved band, flowers, and leaves

Once upon a time you discovered Thine Evermine of Twignolia, the dainty floral ring of your dreams, made just for you. She came like a secret wrapped in threadbare cloth, golden wax seals, and a keepsake jewelry box that filled your heart with sweet nostalgia.  It was an unforgettable fairytale. Inside was a treasure crafted of a diamond blossom, shimmering petals, and wing-like leaves beheld on a curved shadow band. She was heartbreakingly beautiful. Never had something felt so you. When you put her on, she perfectly crowned your beloved rings. Even after many moons, Thine Evermine is forevermore the ring that brings a small piece of nature with you always. She is a beloved heirloom to be cherished for generations. 
Thine Evermine Wedding Band Stacking Ring Diamond Flower Leaves Leaf Curved Shadow Band Delicate Dainty 14k Karat Yellow Gold

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